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Spare Parts Supply

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      For more and more automobiles today, the quality is an important assurance of traffic safety. So the quality of automobile accessories will have a direct influence on its own. What damage will it have on the automobile if inferior accessories are used?

picture Name Explanation Harmfulness
Brake piece It is found in the test that the brake distance of automobile with fake brake piece is 30% more than that with authentic brake piece and has weaker thermal resistance. The brake piece is a critical spare parts to ensure the safety drive for people. If fake brake piece is used, the brake failure will probably occur and make the automobile speed out of control, causing fatal danger and extremely serious consequence.
Fuel injector Genuine fuel injector or nozzle is designed according to the best fuel supply and injection direction of vehicles to realize the best effect of oil injection. The genuine fuel injector saves more fuel and has a more complete combustion compared to the fake one. Long-term use of fake and inferior fuel injector or its matching parts will cause higher fuel consumption of engine and higher combustion carbon deposit, making the engine give out black smoke and causing the valve, valve seat ring, piston ring, piston, cylinder liner and other spare parts to be worn in the early stage, as well as deteriorating the lubrication which will easily damage the engine.
Three filters “Three filters” refer to air filter, engine oil filter and diesel filter. The unqualified engine oil filter or its counterfeit will be bent and deformed after being pressed in high-speed drive due to its own material problem. It influences the filtration effect and causes flow rate insufficiency and low pressure, which will wear and damage the internal elements of motor due to the lack of lubrication and cooling.
Main Reducer Without quality assurance, the non-genuine gear will be easily overheated, causing early stage of gear wearing, breakage or other adverse reaction after installation. The worn gear is vulnerable to overheat, and sometimes will cause the car body to vibrate and reduce the service life of bearing; The gear breakage may damage the whole rear axle, which seriously influences the safety of driving.
Vacuum booster and brake master pump The inferior material will damage the cylinder, piston, piston return spring and push rod, causing failure of brake master pump and reducing or invalidating the brake working efficiency. The failure of brake master pump will cause the brake to be in a poor or out-of-order state, but there will also be an opposite condition, such as brake lock or poor brake return that cause the brake disk/brake drum overheated and burn down the brake shoe plates to make the brake malfunctioned.
Front windshield The inferior and cheap front windshield has an uneven radian in horizontal and vertical direction, and you will be like a youngster wearing reading glasses when looking at the road bed. It may blur your vision and induce visual fatigue. Once in visual fatigue, the driver will be subject to hidden safety trouble, especially when driving in the rain. It may cause serious consequence.
Transmission axis The load designed to be withstood by the transmission axis are extremely large, so the transmission axis from the original factory shall consider its material and accuracy, as well as go through strict test. It will come off when driving, which may cause the car body to vibrate and fast damage the axle, steering system and other relevant components, seriously influencing the driving security.
Steering gear box Inferior material causes quick wearing and larger margin between the connecting pin and connecting pin boss, wears the bearing of steering wheel and snaps the positioning spring between the inner valve plug and valve sleeve of steering gear. Long-term use will make the steering wheel deviate, vibrate or even lose the direction, which may cause serious consequence.

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