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Pakistan JW Forland Phase 1 Project Completion, Prime Minister of Pakistan to Inaugurate


On May 4, 2019, Pakistan JW Forland held the inauguration ceremony of the first phase of the industrial park project and the prime minister's inauguration ceremony in Lahore. Pakistani prime minister Imran khan was invited to attend the ceremony and delivered an important speech.The historic moment of JW forland was witnessed by over 300 people form Pakistani politicians and businessmen, Mr.Dong yongsheng general manager of Forland overseas, together with Chinese management team, Mr.Faisal, chairman of JW SEZ group together with Ruba group management team and all dealers, medias and factory workers.
  Pakistani prime minister Imran khan and the head of Forland
overseas business Dong yongsheng were present to cut
the ribbon and unveil the JW FORLAND

First of all, Mr. Javed Afridi, vice President of JW SEZ group, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Imran khan and all guests for coming to the ceremony, which was also the biggest recognition of JW FORLAND. He pointed out that China, as Pakistan's best friend, has led national projects such as “One Belt And One Road” and CPEC, bringing good development opportunities to the Pakistani people, and JW FORLAND is one of the core models. JW FORLAND has completed 500 units line-off ceremony in April, has made remarkable achievements, in the near future, will introduce more product lines to serve more the Pakistani people, JW FORLAND will further expand the scale, he believes that JW FORLAND company can quickly achieve its "Pakistan's first automobile manufacturing company" great ambition.
Secondly, invited by Pakistani prime minister Imlan khan, he recalled his feelings about attending the One Belt And One Road summit in Beijing, China in April: "the rapid development of China's automobile manufacturing industry is worth learning from, and One Belt And One Road has brought unprecedented development to Pakistan. I visited FORLAND's Beijing headquarters and admired FORLAND's exquisite manufacturing techniques, mature research and development capabilities and complete product line. "The prime minister expressed his great support and thanks to FORLAND for setting up JW FORLAND cooperation company in Pakistan, this project has not only boosted local employment in Lahore, but it is also a good start to revitalize Pakistan's automobile industry. FORLAND's export of automobile manufacturing technology to Pakistan and training of automobile manufacturing talents is a good development opportunity. At present, JW FORLAND has completed the first phase of the project, and there will be second or third phase projects in the future. At the same time, it will also export its products to neighboring countries, promote Pakistan's export business, and bring more jobs and development to Pakistan. Meanwhile, the prime minister is optimistic about the plan of Haier and JW FORLAND electric vehicle projects, which will greatly reduce air pollution in Pakistan and benefit the people. Lastly, the prime minister expressed the expectation that JW FORLAND will flourish and the Pakistani government will provide more policy support to JW FORLAND, hoping that JW FORLAND will bring more and better products to the Pakistani people as soon as possible and make more contributions to the industrial development of Pakistan.
After overcoming numerous difficulties, JW Forland has successfully put into production and made a good start, which is in line with the strategic requirements of long-term sustainable development of China and Pakistan.In order to seize market opportunities and seize market heights, with the strong support of Pakistani government policies, JW Forland will introduce more high-quality products from Forland, and the two sides will make joint efforts to build the no.1 auto brand in Pakistan and write a brilliant chapter in the development history of CPEC.


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