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FORLAND's Booming in Pakistan Caught the PM's Eye——PM's Special Visit to FORLAND China Headquarters


    On April 28, Pakistani prime minister Imlan Khan and his delegation, who are paying a state visit to China and attending the second “One Belt And One Road” international cooperation summit, visited the Chinese headquarters of FORLAND.Pakistan will further collaborate with FORLAND on commercial vehicles.
    In addition to attending the summit forum, Imran Khan also visited FORLAND China headquarters during his busy schedule. In the digital technology exhibition hall of the institute, prime minister Imran Khan listened to the development of FORLAND in Pakistan and took a group photo in front of the FORLAND prototype. The prime minister's emphasis on FORLAND has historical roots.
    Dating back to 2016, FORLAND's Pakistan plant officially broke ground in Lahore.In the following two years, the construction of the plant was completed, and the equipment was successively installed, debugged and produced. On November 30, 2018, the factory was officially inaugurated.At that day, FORLAND was honored to invite Prime Minister Imran Khan to witness and personally inaugurated JW FORLAND. As of April 1 this year, the FORLAND Lahore factory has completed the 500th territory manufacturing FORLAND light truck off-line ceremony.
Prime Minister Imran Khan personally unveiled the plaque for the FORLAND factory
The 500th territory manufacturing FORLAND light truck off-line
    Such an efficient pace of development is the result of the joint efforts of both the FORLAND's Chinese management team and its Pakistani management team. Being well-grounded and speak up moderately. Now the target of 500 production units has been achieved, and the next 5,000 or even 10,000 units are not far away.
    It is not accidental that it is deeply loved by the market. It is the brand value and product explosiveness make FORLAND soar. Once upon a time, the commercial vehicle market in Pakistan was dominated by Japanese brands, but now FORLAND comes out with the same level of quality and high cost performance, sweeping the commercial vehicle market as a dark horse, capturing the favor of a large number of consumers, and establishing the international image of quality made in China.
    It is easier to fight than to defend. Although it already accounts for half of Pakistan's commercial vehicle market, FORLAND has further strategic layout.In the future, FORLAND will continue to deepen its cooperation with Pakistani partner JW SEZ group and expand its sales channels to cover more target customers.Meanwhile, FORLAND will continuously introduce high-quality products, manufacturing technology and other resources to Pakistan.
    The development of the factory will directly drive the deep development of the local auto parts industry, including the promotion and upgrading of seats, batteries, tires, frame and other industries, so as to achieve sustainable economic development and solve the problem of labor employment.
The FORLAND Lahore factory is one of the outstanding representatives of local truck manufacturing in Pakistan.
    In the visit, said FORLAND management team, FORLAND is a leading China's domestic sales of commercial vehicle brand, in order to accelerate the pace of internationalization, preliminary implementation of “go broad”to “enter” upgrade, FORLAND has established more than 80 sales and service network, and set up 5 factories in more than 60 countries around the world , exports rose more than 10% in 2018.
    Visiting FORLAND China headquarters, prime minister Imran Khan was impressed by the simplicity, practicality and good market value of FORLAND products. He hopes Pakistan to gain experience and technology from working with international companies to improve its manufacturing base and produce internationally competitive products that can be exported to other markets. He is optimistic about the future development of FORLAND in Pakistan and appreciates the improvement it will bring to Pakistan's economic development and people's life. He earnestly hopes that Chinese enterprises will actively invest in Pakistan, provide more high-tech products and quality services to Pakistani customers and jointly build the CPEC.
    Next, with the deepening of the cooperation, FORLAND will arrange special team to further research on Pakistan market and policy, designed to develop a more relevant local product and service solutions, and with partners, continue to carry forward the pragmatic and a new spirit of enterprise, innovation, in-depth customer service, realizing the real implementation in the roots.


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