Founded in August 1996, Foton has US $4.77 billion in fixed assets and 40,000 employees. Its sales and production volume has been ranked as the NO.1 commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world. Foton had a brand value of CNY 1328.67 billion in 2018, was rated as China’s most valued brand and has been ranked as the No.1 commercial vehicle manufacturer in China for 14 consecutive years.

Foton operates across six industries: automotive and new energy automotive, engineering equipment, new energy, logistics, IT and financial services, which are all managed under Foton’s strict policies in regards to business models, technical innovation, management innovation, talent development and future globalization. These six industries are leveraged with mutual support and coordinated development. Foton has grown into a full series of truck, pickup, VAN, SUV, bus, and passenger vehicle, with the most complete product line and the largest scale.

 Adhere to the road of business expansion based on the growth of connotation, focus on the automotive industry, build a brand of 100 years, and turn Foton Motor into a world-class mainstream automotive company with green and smart high-tech in 2025 .

Development strategy& Enterprise vision

Development strategy:Under the principle of "business model, scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, talent development and globalization", Foton motor pays great attention to the commercial vehicle development, build a full range of gold value chain (including technology, management, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and service, etc.) and extend development of related industries. The six major industries, including automobiles and new energy automobiles, engineering machinery, new energy, finance, modern logistics, information technology services, constitute the complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual support gold industrial chain. Foton motor creates enterprise value chain of "4 x 4" core competitiveness, joins hands with Daimler and Cummins, takes the advantage of Germany, US and China ‘s superior technology, in line with German industrial 4.0, keeps pace with middle and high-end products in the world, and dedicated to provide users with services in whole life cycle of products.

Enterprise vision :Become a world-class automotive leader in technology and quality!

World R&D Capability

Capability:Over the past 20 years, Foton Motor always attaches great importance to the R&D capability building. It has been formed to global 3 R&D centers, Beijing engineering research institute, Stuttgart and Japan research and development center, 16 technical centers (11 domestic and 5 overseas). It cooperates with Germany's Daimler, United States Cummins, building a global research and development and technology innovation system. At present, the research and development staff is more than 5000, research and development personnel quantity and high talent proportion is increasing year by year. By the year 2020, the personnel of R&d will reach more than 8000, including 500 world-class scientific and technological personnel. It achieved major breakthroughs in vehicle design, physical integration capability, performance development, test and verify capability and power technology, system matching and integration technology, new energy etc. So far, Foton Motor fulfills a total of 6358 domestic patent applications, 4634 already got the license. The total 141 patents both at home and abroad, 36 of them got the license.

FOTON KD Factories Worldwide

Capability:To provide competitive product, Foton has already built KD plants in Vietnam, Thailand etc. And it is planning to set up new KD plants in Russia, Brazil etc. The ever expanding KD plants makes great contribution to the Foton overseas business growth.

Forland KD:So far, 17 KD factories have been established in Vietnam, Thailand ,Malaysia , Kenya, Taiwan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Morocco,Turkey, Iran (2), Colombia, Philippines, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Kazakhstan; There are 6 KD factories under construction in Russia, Brazil , Mexico, Egypt, India and Indonesia.

Forland KD: 8 KD factories have been established in Vietnam, Paraguay, Nigeria,North Korea,Senegal,Pakistan,Malaysia, Iran. There are 4 KD factories under construction in Indonesia,Philippines, Myanmar and Kazakhstan .

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